leather dye

I love to dye things. When you’re strapped for cash, and when you’re mindful about waste, you realize what a huge blessing dye is. I picked up some white strappy sandals at my local Good Cents store for $2.00 a few months back, but just couldn’t bring myself to wear them. Some people (tan people and small children) can pull off white sandals, but I feel like a dork in them.

I was just debating donating the sandals back to Goodwill when it struck me that I could probably dye them. I had seen a feature in Lucky magazine several years ago in which one of the editors had dyed a leather handbag. I found some Fiebing’s Leather Dye in Navy on ebay for $5.00 and within three days, my white sandals were a deeply saturated blue.

This was an easy project, but it did dye my hands blue for a week (a small spot remains on my cuticle). I think I may need to seal them to make sure the dye is water tight, but I’ll save that project for after the move.

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