baine’s scottsville

Earlier this year, my friend and her partner helped open a new coffee shop in downtown Scottsville. When she texted me Saturday to invite me to see musician Martha Bassett (and awesome upright bass player, Pat) at the shop, I jumped at the chance to finally visit Baine's. The shop is beautiful, with a freshly … Continue reading baine’s scottsville

skyline drive

Took a trip down Skyline Drive this afternoon. We saw prehistoric mountains, buzzards, and insects. We experienced storms that were there, then gone in a flash. We saw birds we'd never seen before. We stopped for a doe and her baby.

on the trail

Spring is here! I went on a long, meandering (physically and conversationally) walk on the Saunders-Monticello Trail with my friends, Kristen and Amy, this afternoon. Parts of the trail were damaged due to Wednesday's aggressive snowfall, so we courageously maneuvered through blocked pathways and locked gates to make it to the end. It's incredible that … Continue reading on the trail