3 months in C-ville

October felt almost normal. Daniel and I in our Halloween costumes This month I (and sometimes Daniel): enthusiastically attended my ballet classes worked, one latte at a time, through growing crowds at the coffee shop grieved (however briefly) over the loss of our mouse, Chantico, and bought a new mouse, Hecate. suffered through an art … Continue reading 3 months in C-ville

etsy update 10/14

I finally managed to get all my new things listed on etsy. I also renewed several items, so be sure to check them out. There's a purple sweater poncho available. Who wouldn't want that for fall? New items include a pair of groovy 1970s heels, a plaid dress made by a local company, and a … Continue reading etsy update 10/14


Things have settled into a rhythm of relative normalcy lately. Work, church, pick Daniel up from school, thrift, eat, clean. It's not bad, but I don't want to get stuck. We still have a lot to see and do in Charlottesville and we need to prioritize exploring over sleeping in, I think. We've become regular … Continue reading lately.

Etsy Preview 9/9

New items will be posted for sale at Water Lily Thrift by tomorrow afternoon. Scarves, vests, and European heels! I also have a few auctions running on eBay. Two pairs of brand new shoes are for sale and a handful of designer purses will be posted shortly.


favorites Today was all about relaxation (and bluegrass and pest control, but more on that later, maybe). I had the day off, which was awesome since I experienced unexplained nausea yesterday evening. I did a little online window shopping via polyvore. These items would be great late summer/early fall updates to my wardrobe. Sheer plaid … Continue reading favorites