My stomach has been tangled in all sorts of hard-to-untangle knots all day. I believed it was due to my interview/training today, but the aches were too angry to be caused by just that.

Andrea pointed out that it’s probably just build up from a whole week of striving and confusion and panic and uncertainty. Like when you leave a pile of necklaces in your jewelry box for months and then open it one day to find 12 unfathomable knots through the chains.

But I don’t really know how to undo mine in one careful session. I just hope the kinks will work themselves out.

In other news, my “lite duty” staple gun arrived in the mail today! I felt victorious when I saw it on the doorstep. Even though I could have been sewing pillow cases or mod podging photos onto canvas this whole week, I decided that the fabric stretching would be my first project. Now that I’m all set, however, I’m second guessing myself. Even simple crafts make me nervous, it seems.

Daniel and I met up with one of our acquaintances (who we know through several people but haven’t ever hung out with) for dinner. He’s a really nice guy! It’s good to know we’re not completely isolated from friendly faces.

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