Ponder Anew: A Sermon for Christmas Day

A Sermon for Christmas Day Readings available here | Watch the recording here  But Mary treasured all these words and pondered them in her heart.  Ever since I was a kid, if anything exciting or life-affirming or unbelievably good happened to me, I kid you not, I would say to myself, “But Leah treasured all … Continue reading Ponder Anew: A Sermon for Christmas Day

Sermon: Immanuel

A Sermon for the Fourth Sunday of Advent Readings may be found here Through the written word and the spoken word, may we know your living Word, Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen. I’m about to hit the six-month mark of my ministry here at Grace. These first months have been full of unexpected experiences. I’ve … Continue reading Sermon: Immanuel

Things Above

A Sermon for the 8th Sunday After Pentecost Readings Let your continual mercy, O Lord, cleanse and defend your Church; and, because it cannot continue in safety without your help, protect and govern it always by your goodness; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, … Continue reading Things Above