getting there


We’re only 5 or so boxes and a pantry sorting party away from being completely packed. It still feels overwhelming in here – stacks of boxes consume our small living room and every time I try to walk somewhere I inevitably snag my foot or leg against a box or a Goodwill donation. We’re donating three more bags of miscellaneous items, 3 book shelves, and an old TV to Goodwill on Monday. It feels really good to know that we have managed to get rid of all that plus at least 5 bags of trash and 4 bags I donated a few weeks ago. I feel like such a hoarder. Why have I held onto every piece of paper I’ve acquired since high school? I even found my career placement handbook from the 8th grade.

Every time I move, I promise myself that I’ll sort and organize better the next time around. But this time I’m being honest with myself; I will still inadvertently hoard small items. Hopefully I’ll manage to develop a clearer organization system.

I’m very excited to get to unpacking and decorating at the new place. I just need a few book cases, a long table or desk, some curtain rods, paint, and a lot of RIT dye to get my projects started.

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3 thoughts on “getting there

  1. You’re getting rid of bookcases but you also need bookcases. Oh the wonderful events of moving. *sigh* hearing your motivation to give so much to goodwill I think I might bite the bullet and get rid of the six boxes piled in my hallway waiting for me to emotionally separate myself enough from them.

    • Yeah, I really want some tall bookcases, because we filled up the three we have plus the built-in, so we definitely need some larger ones (and we bought particle board ones, so they’ll fall apart if we pick them up…sigh). If there are particular items you’re emotionally attached to, you can photograph them and then save the images on your computer. I learned that technique while watching Hoarders.

      • I figured. i completely relate. We had two particle board bookshelves this last time we moved. Most of my books are still in boxes because they definitely didn’t survive. I’ve actually used that technique before. I made a pin onto my old blog where I took a picture of my old show choir shoes before I got rid of them. My great Aunt was actually on the show Hoarders. Can you believe that? It’s a serious issue I’ve always had but I think I’m breaking the cycle. 🙂

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