all good things


Meteor shower viewing party:

  • a farm in the mountainous countryside
  • a vast field
  • watching dusk turn into night
  • a black German Shepherd
  • a good, old-fashioned campfire
  • salads made from home-grown vegetables
  • guitars, a mandolin, and a banjo
  • a full view of summer constellations (it’s been too long since I’ve gazed upward)
  • ghost stories and history lessons
  • lightning bugs
  • friendly people

Last night contained all the best parts of living. I couldn’t help but feel at peace listening to the varied strum of five stringed instruments, the sound of humming, of quiet conversation, the panting of a dog. I couldn’t help but feel fine looking up at the vastness of a twinkling night sky.

2 thoughts on “all good things

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