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Last Sunday, I took a walk right before golden hour hoping that I’d spot the mystical white deer that roams our neighborhood. I didn’t then – though we spotted it grazing in our yard last night at around 9:40! – but I did spot a patch of wildflowers pouring out from a neighbor’s yard into the sidewalk. It was full of bees and flies and late afternoon sunlight. I love this quaint little neighborhood with a mountain view and mature trees.

5 thoughts on “take a walk

  1. I enjoyed your photos! We recently had an albino deer in our area too. It made quite the news story and there was a lot of uproar after the article/photo was published… Half of the town wanted to hunt and mount it, the other half wanted to desperately protect it. Don’t know how that one turned out, unfortunately. Have a wonderful evening, and I hope you find your mysterious deer! – Sonya

    • We actually came home to it grazing in our back yard the other night! I saw it once before – last Thanksgiving – but it seemed to have disappeared, so I’m glad to know it’s still wandering around the neighborhood.

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