why I buy secondhand

why i buy secondhand relevant

My article, Why I Buy Secondhand,¬†went live on the Relevant Magazine website earlier today. I’m excited by the responses, shares, and dialogue created by it so far. Take a look if you haven’t already seen it.

I may write a follow up to it on Style Wise if it generates enough of a conversation and/or it becomes apparent that some things need clarification. Thanks for your support! – Leah

live/wear + week in review



After car repairs ruined my last full day off, I needed to pick myself up and get motivated this week. Surprisingly, it worked. I listed several items on etsy, went to the bank, paid my city taxes, revised an article (more on that soon), completed a poem, did three loads of laundry, finished The Autobiography of Malcolm X (all 466 pages!), and kept the house (very relatively) clean. Additionally, I read some good articles online:

and discovered a few blogs:

Thanks for reading. What did you accomplish/take pride in this week?