Charlottesville is too far inland and too far south to get the worst of Frankenstorm, but we are currently under high wind and blizzard warnings (heavy snowfall is predicted only for altitudes above 2,000 feet, however, so we’ll likely be fine within city limits). Our neighbor’s parents, who live in the DC area, have been evacuated and are on their way here.

This is what it looks like outside right now.

I met about five Floridians in the span of 30 minutes at the coffee shop this morning. It’s my guess that they’re more willing to brave the storm than most natives. We’re not underestimating the effects of the storm in the Wise household, though. We’ve got canned goods and candles and a bucket full of water on hand in case of a power outage. Daniel’s currently making Rosemary Shortbread cookies, as well. Our pet mice are lucky to be snuggled in warm, grassy beds within their terrariums instead of out braving the cold, windy, wet weather.

Praying for those who will get the worst of the storm.

dorothy perkins

Dorothy Perkins is a UK based brand and women’s retailer. I suspect, unfortunately, that they’re a bit like the Forever 21 of England, but maybe their products are of higher quality. Their clothing appeals to my aesthetic to a greater degree than most American, mid-range designs do. That mixed print dress in the center would look great at a holiday party.


Sorry to bring you another set and no meaningful content, but I woke up with a cold and spent most of the day sleeping or clicking mindlessly through internet content. Since Frankenstorm is headed our way within hours, the sun hasn’t shone all day; it turned out to be the perfect day to relax and recover.

We attended a “Vintage Cocktail” themed Halloween party last night and I dressed up as a flapper. I prided myself in the historical accuracy of the overall look; unfortunately, I only have a headshot of my get-up. I wore vintage costume jewelry, a thrifted drop-waist dress, and richly hued makeup to complete the look. Daniel, on the other hand, was a Roadside Prophet; he wore a board with boldly etched, condemning verses on it around his neck. I was a symbol of debauchery and he was the radical, moral response to it.