diy: velvet skirt

It took me almost 5 hours to complete this relatively simple elastic waist skirt, mostly because I'm horrible at sewing; I'm impatient and make a lot of mistakes as a result. But it's finished! And I think I'll actually wear it. When I saw this fabric at Jo-Ann Fabrics, I recalled American Apparel's version. Although … Continue reading diy: velvet skirt


livewear This outfit is a bit crazy. But this room is a bit crazy, in a good way. Who would have thought to mix a tangerine, oriental rug with graphic, modern art and über contemporary accents (apparently Elle Decor)? I tried to pick up not only the color scheme but also the sense of texture and playfulness … Continue reading live/wear

fall prints

I ordered three StyleMint tees on sale through an eBay flash sale and am quite excited about the outfit possibilities (if they ever arrive; I'm prepared to leave some unsatisfactory feedback about shipping times). fallprints To control my shopaholic tendencies, I try to pair new items with items very similar to what I have in my closet, … Continue reading fall prints


Untitled #157 The room photo above is actually the product image for Cutting Edge stencils. I enjoy the modern mix of jewel tones, textures, and patterns. I wanted to replicate it in a casual outfit, perfect for a day of sightseeing and shopping around Charlottesville.