around Grounds

Daniel had to stop by the library to pick up a few books for a research paper last weekend, so I parked nearby and took a self-guided tour around UVa. UVa’s campus is nearly always referred to as “The Grounds.” It’s a funny, sort of pretentious little quirk. I like to say it in my best high English accent: “Shall we take a stroll around The Grounds?”

They also have student/faculty housing located on the main lawn called the “Academical Village.” Sigh. What a bunch of weirdos.

robin in virginia rotunda and lawn at uva academical village flower at uva uva mountain view charlottesville overlook


uva hall

white summer flowers,

uva flowers,

moth on flower,

purple flowers and moth at uva,

beetle mating season, uva,

uva chapel,

uva chapel,

jefferson statue at rotunda at uva, leahwise.comI wandered around UVA’s campus on Saturday while Daniel picked up some books from the library. It’s an overwhelmingly majestic place, full of secret garden pathways with blooms and buzzing insects, and century old buildings set in the valleys and hills of the Piedmont.

a church, a chapel, and pigeons

Yesterday evening was beautiful. I love the way the harsh, setting sun streaks across the images below and hyper-pigments the blue sky. We took a quick tour of UVA’s chapel before partaking in an evening service at the Episcopal church nearby. Thomas Jefferson was opposed to mixing religion with public higher education and never would have approved of a chapel on the Grounds. The structure was built in 1885, decades after his passing.

I took the photo of the pigeons earlier today after work. They perch there together quite frequently.