Today was all about relaxation (and bluegrass and pest control, but more on that later, maybe). I had the day off, which was awesome since I experienced unexplained nausea yesterday evening.

I did a little online window shopping via polyvore. These items would be great late summer/early fall updates to my wardrobe.

  1. Sheer plaid shirt: I saw one like it at Target the other day and really like the idea. I’m into layering button downs over dresses.
  2. Hi-lo hem knit shirt: I love knits.
  3. Classic striped sweatshirt: As much as I’d like to think I am risk taker when it comes to personal style, I love classic silhouettes, comfy knits, and stripes.
  4. Tapestry-inspired dress: it looks rich, but it’s still in a light weight fabric.
  5. Enamel animal necklace: simple, whimsical, easy to wear.
  6. Color block dress: I’m been into yellow lately. I like the shape of this dress. I think it’d suit my pear-shaped frame (I think “dew drop” is supposed to be the new, more flattering description).
  7. Big, cozy cardigan: I love cardigans, the more like a blanket, the better.
  8. High waist, stretch jeans: these are hard to find in an affordable price range. I really just want to live in jeggings and the higher waist suits my body type better.
  9. Polka dot skirt: I already have a polka dot skirt, but this navy one is classy.
  10. A-line skirt: I like the vintage, 1940s look.
  11. Oxford boots: Lace up boots are my favorite. I think I need some in dark brown.
  12. Floral sandals: these have nothing to do with colder weather, but I have some similar ones from Target and love the style.
  13. Gray flats: I like the streamlined look of these and the little bow.

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