Beanie Boo’s Tiny Adventure

Beanie Boo travels out of doors for the first time. Images captured with my new 50mm lens.

beanie boo macro

Beanie Boo traveled from a distant land in a big, brown crate to bring Christmas cheer to all in her new household. She journeyed out into the big world for the first time on Christmas day. First stop, the ledge by the door for a cautious look at her surroundings.

bush macro

She saw blossoming bushes


and outstretched fronds.

cat in treeShe tentatively climbed a tree. At first she felt exultant, but then she realized she couldn’t get down by herself. A friendly passerby assisted her.


She journeyed on through the yard and happened upon tiny pine cones.


She saw acorns hanging from a twig high above the ground.

cat black and white

She stopped to rest by some gnarled vines

cat grass

then chewed on the tall grasses.

What a wonderful adventure!

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