After I heard that my friend Gillian was flying to England to surprise her mom for her birthday, I decided it’d be perfect to surprise my sister by showing up for her college graduation in Jacksonville, Florida.

graduation girl

I’d been homesick for awhile anyway, and with a new job that provides generous personal leave, everything fell into place. I boarded a plane from Charlottesville last Friday morning and arrived in Jacksonville (after a bout of nausea, serious sinus pressure, and a nearly missed connecting flight) before 11 am, just in time to catch Jenny before extended family arrived. Even though my dad had explicitly mentioned my name in connection to weekend events the day before, Jenny didn’t suspect a thing. In fact, she called me while I was in the grocery store parking lot 5 minutes from the house to talk to me about post-graduation plans.

family graduation

We enjoyed post-graduation┬áhors d’oeuvres courtesy of our mother,

fa2 fa3

spent some time relaxing and shopping on Saturday,

morning cerealregal cat

and hung out with my Florida friends (and the kitten) on Sunday afternoon.

fa14 friends at beachsisters at beach

It was a wonderful, albeit brief, trip home. I’m so glad I survived my first time flying alone to see loved ones and enjoy the Florida weather. Congratulations, Jennifer!

sisters at beach

Beanie Boo’s Tiny Adventure

Beanie Boo travels out of doors for the first time. Images captured with my new 50mm lens.

beanie boo macro

Beanie Boo traveled from a distant land in a big, brown crate to bring Christmas cheer to all in her new household. She journeyed out into the big world for the first time on Christmas day. First stop, the ledge by the door for a cautious look at her surroundings.

bush macro

She saw blossoming bushes


and outstretched fronds.

cat in treeShe tentatively climbed a tree. At first she felt exultant, but then she realized she couldn’t get down by herself. A friendly passerby assisted her.


She journeyed on through the yard and happened upon tiny pine cones.


She saw acorns hanging from a twig high above the ground.

cat black and white

She stopped to rest by some gnarled vines

cat grass

then chewed on the tall grasses.

What a wonderful adventure!

live/wear: purple + orange



I would typically never pair purple with orange because they are, historically, my least favorite colors. But I do enjoy a good, seventies-inspired, burnt orange and I’ve recently begun to hoard purple garments (my friend, Andrea, really likes the color purple; I think she’s a big part of the reason I have come to embrace it). This look actually came together from the scarf and shoes rather than from colors in the room. Normally I work the other way around.

In related news, the jeans featured above are BDG high-waisted ones from Urban Outfitters. They were my favorite jeans until the seam ripped after only the second day wearing them. Why does no one make an affordable, decent quality, high-waisted, stretch jean for a pear-shaped figure? Jeans are not my friends. UPDATE: I just found two pairs of Levis stretch jeans at Marshalls for 19.99 a piece. Hooray!