New Haven

I moved to New Haven on July 23rd, 2019. I've lived here just over three weeks now - I think - and it's been a combination of profound stress, sporadic sadness, and excitement. I think I decided to write today because, 1. it's been raining since I woke up, so I canceled my plans to … Continue reading New Haven

Midnight Calls

My body is fragile Crack me open at the seam in my Ribcage, like a damp wafer – watch the strawberry blood cake in exposed air. How many midnight calls, and dinnertime Interruptions can a heart take before the valves wear thin And the tell tale tingle moves up my arm? Doctor’s orders: I can’t … Continue reading Midnight Calls


When it's my time I want to know: what it feels like There are opportunities for second chances, but this isn't one. I want to know what it was like, before the morphine drip, dripping And the rockabye easing out I woke up in the world screaming What is it like to end?

frost bitten

You'll be kind and never lose your temper and no one will misunderstand your jokes. You'll wake up early and listen to the mourning dove sing     dooo dooo               do-do-do low-high calling the new day good. You'll always have spare change for the panhandler at his median … Continue reading frost bitten