Relics can be Bones that held Together, exoskeleton: A camera initiated In the summer of hate A serving tray bought In Town - You visited with Your daughter The thermos you drank Tea in, with ritual like it was the Body of Christ, containing wine, mixed with Your blood Relics can be old CD towers, … Continue reading Particle

Midnight Calls

My body is fragile Crack me open at the seam in my Ribcage, like a damp wafer – watch the strawberry blood cake in exposed air. How many midnight calls, and dinnertime Interruptions can a heart take before the valves wear thin And the tell tale tingle moves up my arm? Doctor’s orders: I can’t … Continue reading Midnight Calls


When it's my time I want to know: what it feels like There are opportunities for second chances, but this isn't one. I want to know what it was like, before the morphine drip, dripping And the rockabye easing out I woke up in the world screaming What is it like to end?