I first heard of UVa student Hannah Graham's disappearance through friends on facebook who know her personally. Later Monday evening in the Women's Prayer Group offered through my church, a couple of students who are acquainted with her spoke of the difficulty they were having processing the incident. We lit candles as we prayed for … Continue reading humanity

two post it notes

Someday, when the world begins to darken, I'll walk in the silence of early morning, peering into empty shops with cataract gray eyes And I'll remember being young, moving fast, skin smooth like a new bar of soap, and wondering when I would make it. I'll know then, there is no making it. Child, you're … Continue reading two post it notes


As the sun sets, attendees are given an unlit candle. Outside, the light of Christ is lit just as the last light of the sun settles on the horizon. Parishioners process in quietly and await the coming of the light of Christ as it is solemnly paraded down the center aisle. All are aided in … Continue reading alleluia!