Everyone Who Searches

And everyone who searches finds - maybe not the missing button, maybe an old note, yellowed photo with a missing corner. And you realize what you find is good enough, or better And the cardigan can do without mending - its gapping filled for now with a memory of summertime, or last year's loss - … Continue reading Everyone Who Searches

two post it notes

Someday, when the world begins to darken, I'll walk in the silence of early morning, peering into empty shops with cataract gray eyes And I'll remember being young, moving fast, skin smooth like a new bar of soap, and wondering when I would make it. I'll know then, there is no making it. Child, you're … Continue reading two post it notes

inspired: Mathijs Delva

Mathijs Delva's work is difficult to describe in non-cliche terms. It's breathtaking, ethereal, harmonious, nostalgic. His landscape work makes you want to fling your arms wide in exaltation and go live in the photograph. (one, two, three, four, five) Images via Mathijs Delva on flickr; individual links above. To purchase images, visit the photographer's website.