one word photo challenge: green

greThough spring hasn’t yet taken hold of the landscape, there’s still plenty of green to be found. My instagram photo was taken out the kitchen window on the morning of Snowpocalypse 2014. I took the digital photograph later the same day; the temperature had warmed enough to melt the first snow, but more snow fell rapidly within the hour and blanketed bare limbs once again.

drops on winter branches

time and season

I wrote this in May, but I feel that sense of nostalgia – of hope and loss – now, too. 

Your limbs half bare
in May
in Florida
Resisting summer
or too lazy, or

Your limbs grew wild
outstretched and crooked
in those early
days before you
you were alive

Do you regret
  the growing over
time and season?

Do you regret bearing
children on your arms
and standing still
when storms, surely
hundreds now,
washed over you?

Perhaps it’s too
much, and too
to grow back,
bring back,
all that you lost
and over ag-