tree lighting

We headed downtown with my sister yesterday evening to witness the annual downtown Christmas Tree Lighting. Since we arrived early, we stopped by the coffee shop to say hello and pick up an iced mocha and mini muffins.

The tree lighting was a bit anticlimactic, but the weather was mild (though a cold front blew in swiftly last night) and the sky was teal after the sun set. After the tree was lit, we got some dinner at The Whiskey Jar, then shopped around before heading home.

I didn’t manage to get a single clear picture of the lit tree, so the above will have to suffice.

Today is my sister’s last full day in town. We plan to buy a tree and make the house festive this evening. Christmas has been a letdown for me the past couple of years. I really want to invest time and energy in the season this year – I want to do things the right way and be thankful and warm and content.

time and season

I wrote this in May, but I feel that sense of nostalgia – of hope and loss – now, too. 

Your limbs half bare
in May
in Florida
Resisting summer
or too lazy, or

Your limbs grew wild
outstretched and crooked
in those early
days before you
you were alive

Do you regret
  the growing over
time and season?

Do you regret bearing
children on your arms
and standing still
when storms, surely
hundreds now,
washed over you?

Perhaps it’s too
much, and too
to grow back,
bring back,
all that you lost
and over ag-