Jacob’s Ladder

Daniel and I visited Circa, our favorite antiques store in town, on Saturday. I stumbled upon a really cool Jacob's Ladder limited edition art print in the dollar room, where everything happened to be on sale for 50 cents. The rungs of the ladder and Jacob's sleeping body are formed entirely in Hebrew cursive script. … Continue reading Jacob’s Ladder

inspired: Stanislav Sidorov

Etsy suggested the work of Stanislav Sidorov to me; they know me well. His pared down outlines, bold colors, and hazy landscapes combine my two favorite genres: Japanese watercolor and Van Gogh-esque post-Impressionism. Sidorov's work is dreamy and joyful. His subjects emphasize the vivacity of daily experience, uncovering a hint of the divine in the … Continue reading inspired: Stanislav Sidorov