nature in fog

sunlit leaves

beautiful twigJust a bit of unedited experimental photographs taken in the yard.


black & white

sunsetbare branches black and white mountain neighborhood 22670010 walking boots 22670013black and white nature childhood friends friendsartist ceramics Black and White film is as close as you can get to encapsulating nostalgia. Photos from late summer in Florida and winter in Charlottesville.

summer film

Maclay Gardens/Wakulla Springs/Lichgate Park – Tallahassee, FL

Even though I just invested in a nice digital camera, I still love the feel of film. I guess, in part, it’s because it does the color editing for you, and what you get is perfect imperfection. I also like the warmth and overexposure it provides to summer adventures, adding an additional sensory layer to the image, conveying what you felt when you were out on a hot day exploring.