I first heard of UVa student Hannah Graham's disappearance through friends on facebook who know her personally. Later Monday evening in the Women's Prayer Group offered through my church, a couple of students who are acquainted with her spoke of the difficulty they were having processing the incident. We lit candles as we prayed for … Continue reading humanity

on safety nets and waiting

The waiting times I've heard are lessons to learn - so far I've learned: uncertainty is hard. It wears at the netting that holds us Above that infinite chasm of ultimate un-knowing. I scribbled down the poem above in my journal a couple of weeks ago in an attempt to reflect on the ruthless anxiety … Continue reading on safety nets and waiting


I heard a homily lately that indicated that times of crisis or severe anxiety occur when our carefully curated identities - our senses of confidence - are broken down by life circumstances, by inescapable change. Sometimes the things that shape who we are can become all we consider ourselves to be. We're more than that, … Continue reading identity