When it's my time I want to know: what it feels like There are opportunities for second chances, but this isn't one. I want to know what it was like, before the morphine drip, dripping And the rockabye easing out I woke up in the world screaming What is it like to end?

do not take

The earth moves Did you know? It pulses with intention. BirdsĀ free fall in aerial feats The hive hums The dry leaves whisper their ancient chant And we, We move, too Building, working, fighting, dreaming - not always with intention. But noise, always noise. The earth knows - do you? Our performative toiling is Being, a … Continue reading do not take


I heard a homily lately that indicated that times of crisis or severe anxiety occur when our carefully curated identities - our senses of confidence - are broken down by life circumstances, by inescapable change. Sometimes the things that shape who we are can become all we consider ourselves to be. We're more than that, … Continue reading identity