do not take

The earth moves Did you know? It pulses with intention. Birds free fall in aerial feats The hive hums The dry leaves whisper their ancient chant And we, We move, too Building, working, fighting, dreaming - not always with intention. But noise, always noise. The earth knows - do you? Our performative toiling is Being, a … Continue reading do not take


Let me die in the summertime by a window, with the warmth, pushing through the fragile skin of my eyelids Let me die in a quiet room; with the tea kettle on in the kitchen and the laundry spinning, pulsing like blood through beating hearts. Let me die with a cat at my feet and … Continue reading untitled


A smile between strangers. Watching the robin hunt for insects, folding three loads of laundry, dropping boiling water into the teapot. Writing in your journal, listening to your spouse, sharing: a meal, a ride, Your load. A cool breeze that cuts through humid air. The clack of boots on asphalt. Going, and leaving. Habit and … Continue reading prayer

so it goes

I feel like I can't keep up. Shifting from a 25 hour, daytime work week to a 40 hour evening shift had a greater impact on the flow of my life than I anticipated (though I guess I wasn't analyzing it that much - I just went for it). I like my new work environment, … Continue reading so it goes