monthly goals: october

I've been manic for the past few days. I have this sudden urge to do, make, complete. But it feels unhealthy, because I'm never satisfied and I'm always on edge. Perhaps starting up a Monthly Goals post series will redirect my activity to something a bit more satisfying. October Goals: List items for Platinum & … Continue reading monthly goals: october

follow through

My single greatest weakness is an inability to follow through. It's not apathy or distraction or immaturity. It's debilitating fear. I hate to do things I'm not good at. And if you tell me I'm not good at something, I have an unhealthy tendency to agree with you and shun my own perception. Examples: I … Continue reading follow through

images & inspiration

Rachel Antonoff for Bass Fleur Wedges Sara Sherman Samuel's pretty studio P.S. I Made This... Graphic Print Napkin tutorial An eight year old with a marmot he befriended in the Austrian Alps Elsie's dining room makeover This quote - it encouraged me to clear some stuff out this week (could not locate source)