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images & inspiration

pretty things

  1. Rachel Antonoff for Bass Fleur Wedges
  2. Sara Sherman Samuel’s pretty studio
  3. P.S. I Made This… Graphic Print Napkin tutorial
  4. An eight year old with a marmot he befriended in the Austrian Alps
  5. Elsie’s dining room makeover
  6. This quote – it encouraged me to clear some stuff out this week (could not locate source)

images & inspiration

  1. I love the composition and timeliness of this photograph by Elizabeth Messina for The Huffington Post.
  2. Stripes and polka dots in fall colors appeal to me.
  3. Inspired by Downton Abbey’s Season 3 wardrobe.
  4. I’ve seen a few building projects that use unfinished crates from Michael’s, but this is one I might actually do.
  5. The setting of this image makes very little sense, but I like the outfit and the stacks of books.
  6. A photo by Paper Crowns, a Charlottesville blogger!

It’s almost time to write a four months in Charlottesville post. Isn’t it weird that it’s practically December?