april flowers

This journal has turned into a place for photos and little else. I talk plenty in everyday life, but I haven't felt the need to reiterate here. I've always journaled in some form or the other, but with access to various social media platforms, I have so many ways to have my voice heard or … Continue reading april flowers

one word photo challenge: magenta

I'm participating in my sister's One Word Photo Challenge. This week the word is magenta. I plan to post one DSLR photo and one instagram picture for each challenge. Those flowers look much more magenta in real life, I promise. If you'd like to participate, get more information here.

so it goes

I feel like I can't keep up. Shifting from a 25 hour, daytime work week to a 40 hour evening shift had a greater impact on the flow of my life than I anticipated (though I guess I wasn't analyzing it that much - I just went for it). I like my new work environment, … Continue reading so it goes

good morning

Picked up a bouquet of white and yellow mums and a box of chocolate croissants from Trader Joe's on Friday. Enjoying them both - and the light streaming in from our wood-framed window - this morning. The first week of 2013 was wonderful and the second one is off to a good start.