april flowers

white flowers spring flowers dogwood pink dogwood purple flowering tree sp6 sp7purple flowering tree and lightThis journal has turned into a place for photos and little else. I talk plenty in everyday life, but I haven’t felt the need to reiterate here. I’ve always journaled in some form or the other, but with access to various social media platforms, I have so many ways to have my voice heard or reflect on my day in small phrases and brief conversations. Maybe I need long form, but maybe the quiet is fine, too.

Charlottesville went from black and white to vibrant technicolor in the past few weeks. I’m enjoying the spring blooms as much as I can because I know they’ll give way to lizard green leaves in a few short weeks.

catalog favorites

Winter hasn’t quite hit Charlottesville, but I’m already excited for spring fashion. I know fall is the season for fashion, but I’ve always preferred the bright, floral, bare-legged styles of spring over the drab, monotone glamour of fall. Fall is too serious for my taste.

I’ve been flipping through old Google catalogs for inspiration. Here are some of my favorite looks (including some fall looks that easily transition into spring):


Clockwise from top:

  1.  Anthropologie, March 2012
  2. Clarks, Fall 2012
  3. Fossil, Fall 2012
  4. Madewell, Spring 2012
  5. J. Crew, February 2012
  6. Madewell, Spring 2012


(noun) : a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices.

I’ve been attracted to the bohemian, Free People, aesthetic for many years now, but I never really believed I could pull it off. Maybe I like it because I am a Type A personality; I might be imaginative, but I certainly don’t live outside societal bounds or push the limits very far. I am a rule follower. But clothing allows for a little eccentricity without real risk, at least on your days off. My favorite thrift store in town occasionally carries clothing from Free People in my size and I’ve begun snatching it up when I can find it.



Moving allows for reinvention. I can be anything I want to be; I’m not barred by past assumptions. And I realize I never really was.

personal style

I have always had a lot of confidence in my taste and ability to mix and match patterns and colors to make visually interesting outfits and rooms. I think I have a good eye and know what suits my body type. But occasionally, I get stuck. In college, I had a fun time experimenting with style, color, and form. After graduating, however, my job as a framer required a lackluster uniform of khaki pants, brown closed-toe shoes, and modest tops (and an ill-fitting, blue vest emblazoned with the corporate logo). That paired with a professional need to look my age (I was often mistaken for a high schooler) took a toll on my daily style. I had a style blog the whole time, too, but I didn’t always feel that put together.

I recently asked a ModCloth ModStylist to take a look at my current comforts and help bring me out of my box of striped tops and plain, knit skirts. I had low expectations, so I was pleasantly surprised by the result. It helps to get an outside perspective on personal style in the same way it helps to talk out any other issue with a friend. I came out of the brief interchange with a more defined sense of my taste and renewed enjoyment of getting dressed in the mornings.

The polyvore set ModStylist Amy put together is below (click on the embedded set to view product information; you will be redirected to polyvore). I let her know that I am most drawn to floral and polka dot prints, have a pear-shaped figure, and admire Kate Bosworth’s style, as well as silhouettes from the 70s and 90s.

Looks for Leah

Looks for Leah

I don’t see myself wearing boyfriend jeans or platforms anytime soon, but I appreciate that my comfort zone has been stretched. I particularly love the polka dot-floral combo in the center and the dress on the right. Amy did a great job of choosing basics with visual interest, which is right up my alley.

After viewing her recommendations, I put together my own set of prints and styles I like:

personal style
Even if you don’t feel stuck, or don’t have a specific occasion to prepare for, you may want to take advantage of ModCloth’s free ModStylist program. It was a fun, quick, positive experience.