We took a day trip to Staunton on Daniel's birthday a few weeks ago. It's a scenic 40 minute drive through the mountains. The cold front that weekend let a bit of fall seep in prematurely. We perused antique malls, drank iced coffees, and stopped in at Cracker Barrel for birthday dinner.

week(s) in review

The past couple weeks have been busy! In the past two weeks, I (and sometimes Daniel): completed my first and second week at the new job made the discovery that I'm mildly allergic to vinyl bought some greige nail polish at Sephora wore shorts for the first time in 6+ months drank at least one … Continue reading week(s) in review

Dr. Ralph Stanley: a bluegrass experience

Last night, Daniel and I went to see bluegrass legend, Dr. Ralph Stanley, and his Clinch Mountain Boys in an intimate venue in downtown Staunton, Virginia. I didn't know much about the history of bluegrass until I watched the documentary, High Lonesome: The Story of Bluegrass Music, with Daniel the other day. Bluegrass is an amalgamation of … Continue reading Dr. Ralph Stanley: a bluegrass experience