Staunton exteriors

We took a day trip over to the neighboring cities of Waynesboro and Staunton yesterday. While Waynesboro has a delightful Goodwill and a quaint downtown, the historical facades in downtown Staunton can’t be beat.

Brick, peeling with different shades of paint from at least a century’s worth of repairs and design preferences appeal to me because of the visual reminder of their age and history and, more simply, because of their unintended color stories, their unusual juxtapositions. They’re inspiring. I also enjoy the architectural details, so often disregarded in the design of contemporary structures in favor of cutting edge technology.


Today we went over to UVA so that Daniel could turn in some paperwork and get his student ID. I enjoyed the view immensely (besides all the insane construction – the middle of the grounds looks post-apocalyptic). The building where his department is housed is in a beautiful, modern style. After we completed his student duties, we journeyed to the downtown mall to visit Daedalus Books, a used bookstore with three stories and over 100,000 used books. We also poked around a stored called Artifacts, where we got to pet an adorable┬áPomeranian.

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