carter mountain orchard ’13

carter mountain orchardToday is a beautiful day! High 60s, sunlight streaming through fall leaves, a light breeze. Since I work early on Mondays, I was free to take a quick trip up to Carter Mountain this afternoon. You may recall that I first visited last year with Daniel and my friend, Andrea, at the end of the season.

Most of the orchard is ripe for picking now, so lots of people were lazily meandering through the orchards with grab bags in hand. I didn’t need more apples, so I just went straight for the trails that looked most appealing, taking pictures along the way. The air smelled like apple cider vinegar thanks to all the abandoned, rotting apples scattered throughout. I watched workers load up trucks full of fruit and bees scramble to consume a fallen apple before heading back to buy some apple cider.

ca3virginia farmland blue ridge mountain white flower charlottesville old orchard shed crow virginia

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