lipstick for slaves

I was introduced to Radiant Cosmetics' "Kiss Slavery Goodbye" campaign through a fashion blogger I've been following for some time. As I mindlessly scanned the blurb (because no one actually reads fashion blogs), I was suddenly forced to engage when I read the following: For every lipstick purchased, we'll donate a lipstick on your behalf to … Continue reading lipstick for slaves

review: Erzulie Cosmetics Cream to Powder foundation

I discovered Erzulie while searching for organic skincare options on etsy and have been using their products for several months now. Recently, I purchased the Mineral Cream to Powder Foundation in Light on the seller's recommendation. I have used it every day for the past few weeks, so I think it's time to review it. You … Continue reading review: Erzulie Cosmetics Cream to Powder foundation