“Be Brave”

Don't tell me to Be Brave, again, as if courage is instinct for half of us and Learned Behavior for XX chromosomes alone. As if my going out is not its own defiant act And my speaking: Bold, Direct is not akin to wielding the sword. Don't tell me Courage is: holding my tongue and … Continue reading “Be Brave”

mansplaining: a definition and how to avoid it

Mansplaining in Four Points 1. Women are often socialized to approach their opinions passively by prefacing them with “I think” or “I feel” to lessen the blow of their words and distance themselves from potential controversy. When a man responds to a woman in the way men are often socialized to do by saying “This is how … Continue reading mansplaining: a definition and how to avoid it


Just wanted to stop in to let you know about a cool, informal anthropological study/blog on women and marriage called The Marriage Project. According to the blog's founder: I want to interrogate the “sacred cow” of marriage, to ask questions that women tell me they are seldom asked about what’s assumed to be an inevitability, … Continue reading links.

links & things

Research, news, and music that have affected me this week: In Search of the Mysterious Narwhal by Abigail Tucker - Biologist Kristin Laidre studies the mysterious and secretive Narwhal with the help of Indigenous communities in Greenland. The Marginalization of Women: A Biblical Value We Don't Like To Talk About by Christopher Rollston - The Bible is fraught with … Continue reading links & things