at the park

twigs flower by river vine phone tower reflections on water shallow pondWe went to one of our favorite local parks yesterday to enjoy the temperate weather. I’d really hoped to see a few things in bloom, some color reaching out and up from the brown landscape. But, since the spring blooms failed me, I decided to focus my lens on the muted tangles and vines in the fields and by the river. I like the subtle teals and reds present in almost all the images.

home tour: The Library

Finally, a post about the library. It took me forever to arrange and re-arrange and add furniture and put up artwork in just the right way. I didn’t feel satisfied with the overall look until two weeks ago, when I moved the cube shelf we used to have in the living room onto the bookshelf wall. It is incredibly difficult to decorate rooms that have a glaring wood element built in (in this case, the window frame); no wonder my peers who own homes are all painting everything white. I settled on multiple wood tones to make it look intentional rather than makeshift.

budget libraryinterior design chairs

Walmart pillow, painted reindeer, Target paper lamp, banjo (!), TJ Maxx ottoman, hand-stretched frame with antique labor union pins

paper cut art

Modpodged San Francisco “Street Sheet” newspaper headline, paper cutting by Daniel’s sister, art print from Tallahassee shop

red and gold room cube bookshelfThis room has a red and gold color scheme by default; items that didn’t fit in other rooms made their way here. I had intended to add an area rug to bring in another color, but that proved difficult on my current budget (which is essentially 0.00). We hardly go into the library, but I’m glad it’s presentable. Maybe I’ll use it more now?

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I first cut my hair dramatically short in August 2011 (actually, I had a bowl haircut when I was 7, but that was a long time ago). I needed a change. Coming off a stressful month that ended in a somewhat risky job change, I needed to feel empowered and in control of my life. The pixie cut achieved that, and I’ve enjoyed coming to appreciate my face and neck in all of its exposed glory. I also like that shorter hair provides instant polish to any look.

That being said, I yearn to change my hair often. It’s one of the few alterations you can make to your body that corrects itself over time. I’m not a risk taker by any means, but I do like to take a few risks with my hair (example: dyeing it yellow-blonde this summer).

I’ve (tentatively) decided to grow my hair out, and by “out,” I mean to chin length or mid-neck length. My fine, thin hair looks best kept short. The growing process itself will make for some painfully awkward transitional hair moments, but that’s the price I have to pay for a different style, so I’m finally working up the courage to get through it.

I’m leaning toward a bob-style haircut that naturally curls under. My hair responds well to the length and style. I also want to dye my hair a natural shade of red. I’m leaning toward the top or bottom left shade and the top right cut. What do you think? What hair risks would you like to take?

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home tour: The Bathroom

I’m not too fussy about the overall appearance of the bathroom in terms of individuality or cohesion with nearby rooms, so most of the bathroom accessories were used in our previous bathroom. I added the finishing touches today and wanted to show it off. It has significantly less counter and storage space than our old bathroom, so things had to be shuffled around a bit, but past tenants have added several useful storage shelves to the wall, of which we take advantage.

The theme colors were originally white, black, and red, but somehow beige made it’s way in there over time. The art was purchased on etsy and the metal cat was a gift from my friend, Mary. The carved wooden canisters are vintage and were made in India. Rugs and accessories are a mix from discount stores.

I wish the lighting was better in these shots. If you look to the left on the bottom image, you’ll see one of the towels I dyed “gray” (they turned out gray-blue).