Today, a live/wear inspired by this wonderful side table setting and wall display. Mint green and pale blue anchor various textures, prints, and mediums to create a cohesive, visually exciting space. I love when a space, or an outfit, manages to be both interesting and relatively laid back. I tried to capture the feel and color scheme of the home design with lived-in basics, vintage details, and pattern mixing. I love those boots in particular. I would definitely wear this outfit.

My style has become more laid back and less prissy since moving here. I think it has to do with feeling more settled and less scrutinized. I feel more comfortable in my own skin than I did in Tallahassee. Maybe I needed a fresh start. Leaving the style blog world behind has done wonders for my confidence, as well. When you’re photographing your outfits daily, you feel pressured to always bring something new and interesting to the table. Now I don’t worry about wearing the same, beloved shoes 3 days in a row. Who cares? Wear what makes you feel good about yourself; wear what works for your lifestyle; wear what you can afford.

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