water lily thrift: november picks

I do a product update about every week at my online vintage shop, but I thought I'd feature some November appropriate items, new (to my store) and old. Click on the image to go to the listing. Apple Pickin' Corduroy Dress Green Bell Sleeve Dress Maroon Western Motif Blouse Knit Sweater Purple Cape 1970s Ribbed … Continue reading water lily thrift: november picks


livewear Today, a live/wear inspired by this wonderful side table setting and wall display. Mint green and pale blue anchor various textures, prints, and mediums to create a cohesive, visually exciting space. I love when a space, or an outfit, manages to be both interesting and relatively laid back. I tried to capture the feel … Continue reading live/wear

Etsy Preview 9/9

New items will be posted for sale at Water Lily Thrift by tomorrow afternoon. Scarves, vests, and European heels! I also have a few auctions running on eBay. Two pairs of brand new shoes are for sale and a handful of designer purses will be posted shortly.

wardrobe update

It's tempting to go back-to-school shopping even though this is my second season out of school. I have purchased a handful of wardrobe builders lately, in part to add some interest to my wardrobe, and in part to prepare for the coming fall weather. update Polka dot and floral tees, Urban Outfitters: great layering basics … Continue reading wardrobe update