Good morning, friends.

I’ve been trying out different shop building websites for a couple of months in anticipation of moving Platinum & Rust to its own site. Yesterday I found one that allows me to seamlessly connect my etsy listings to a shop-able website. This is important to me at this time, as etsy is currently where I list and sell all my vintage items; since I only have one of any particular garment or accessory, I need a way to control the availability of products across multiple platforms.


It’s with great pleasure that I introduce to you. You’ll have access to all products currently available for sale, as well as detailed information about my company in About, Policies, and Contact tabs. In the near future, I plan to expand to offer handmade and fair trade items in addition to vintage.


Route 11 Yard Crawl

route 11 yard crawlDaniel and I heard about the Route 11 Yard Crawl from my coworker, Jamie, whose boyfriend attends it every year. It’s an hour and a half trip to the start from Charlottesville, extending from New Market to Stephens City across the Shenandoah Valley. The trip was gruesome without air conditioning in our car, but we bravely pressed on. I bulked up my Agatha Christie collection at the New Market Library book sale, bought a 1920s-30s Ball Jar at a flea market, and stocked up on vintage at Search Thrift Shop‘s 50 cent sale in Mount Jackson. We had to pass a lot of typical yard sale junk to find the treasures, but it was a fun experience. If only they had a commemorative t-shirt available in my size!

antique blue ball jar

I brought my camera to chronicle the landscape along Route 11.

heart leaf lutheran church steeple shenandoah valley cemetery cows and flowers virginia countryside*Yard Crawl graphic via Shenandoah County Chamber of Commerce

shop update: grunge + union made

nlabeetsy update

I have loved the easy going, boy meets girl quality of early 90s grunge ever since I watched My So-Called Life, so I tend to gravitate toward garments from that brief era whenever I’m sourcing for Water Lily Thrift.

I also found a union made pleated skirt in a beautiful royal blue. Clothes are wearable historical treasures! Click the screen shot to visit Water Lily Thrift.

20% off orders of $40.00 or more until tomorrow night with code, waterlilyfever13.