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Happy February and happy shopping. I’m so excited about the stuff I listed today over at Water Lily Thrift, especially those Oxblood Aigner Loafers.

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water lily thrift: new arrivals

Happy Monday! Since I worked yesterday, today felt like Tuesday, which means I successfully skipped Monday and all its woes.

Pretty vintage clothing added to the shop this week – click the screen shot to go to the store.

And make sure to enter the coupon code, “ethical15” at checkout for 15% off your order during Fair Trade Month!

Water Lily Thrift (

I sell carefully curated vintage garments and accessories on I now have a schedule that will allow for better and more regular updates to the store, which I’m quite excited about.

Think about adding some vintage to your back-to-school or fall wardrobe this season! Check out And feel free to “like” the Facebook page.

Water Lily Thrift: Wearable vintage that won’t break the bank.