water lily thrift: november picks

I do a product update about every week at my online vintage shop, but I thought I’d feature some November appropriate items, new (to my store) and old. Click on the image to go to the listing.

Apple Pickin’ Corduroy Dress

Green Bell Sleeve Dress

Maroon Western Motif Blouse

Knit Sweater

Purple Cape

1970s Ribbed Sweater

1970s Heeled Loafers

1990s Zipper Boots

1980s Cream Lace up Boots

Slouchy Cowgirl Boots

etsy update 10/14

I finally managed to get all my new things listed on etsy. I also renewed several items, so be sure to check them out. There’s a purple sweater poncho available. Who wouldn’t want that for fall? New items include a pair of groovy 1970s heels, a plaid dress made by a local company, and a couple of sweaters.

Water Lily Thrift