month in review: January ’13

January flew by despite being full of ups and downs. The weather was cold, then hot, then cold again, and my brain chemicals didn't know how to react. I was really hard on myself for being lazy and depressed, but I came out of it and now I'm on an emotional upswing. This month, I … Continue reading month in review: January ’13

end of isolation

For the past two weeks it's just been Daniel and me. And it's nice to spend time together - to work and read and relax in the same room for hours on end - but almost everyone else left town and you kind of feel like you're holed up in a room the size of … Continue reading end of isolation

4 simple goals

(based on a misreading of A Beautiful Mess blog's challenge) 2013 goals:  Grow my online business: be intentional about advertising, sourcing items, bookkeeping, and having an online presence.  Put money in savings every month: emergency preparedness and stocking away for the future are always good things. Buy fair trade/second hand as often as possible: stop … Continue reading 4 simple goals