attend to life

Each minute doesn’t
have to count
but it has to matter

Each waking eye
Each phase of the moon
Each dawn and
it’s bound to come again
but never with
just the same flourish
or shape or pattern.

It doesn’t have to count
but it must be

Each hair brushed
just so, each sizzle
in the pan and
coffee ground and
alarm sounded
it’s the dance and
melody of normalcy
but not mediocrity.

It doesn’t have to count
but it should be appreciated

Each sigh
Each staring at the
wall and
backache and
hangnail and chore
it strikes in the cheek
like a sinus headache
but it dissipates.

It doesn’t have to count
but of course it matters

Each daily ritual
Each daily error
it’s a rhythm, cycle,
slow creek in an often
parched wood
but it persists

It isn’t a counted forward march –
It is a sinewy, strengthening web
of rich matter.

good things

I have been inexplicably crabby this week. I’m tired – of what I don’t know. Just unhappy, feeling stuck, getting down on myself for not having better hair, reading better literature, making better food, taking more photos, etc.

During weeks like these, I especially need to recall the good things.

  1. I got another raise at work.
  2. After two weeks of heightened customer traffic through the shop, I finally feel at ease making multiple drinks in a small amount of time.
  3. The mattress pad I bought through Groupon arrived and I cleaned all the bedding, so now we have a cushy, clean bed in which to sleep.
  4. I finished reading the book, Camilla, by Madeline L’Engle.
  5. The landscape is alive with vibrant, warm, falling leaves.
  6. The weather has been perfect.
  7. I found a vintage, handmade ceramic plate at the thrift store today to complete the living room decor.
  8. I have a car in working condition.
  9. I have really enjoyed planning outfits and getting dressed lately.
  10. I made Pumpkin Cake.
  11. I have a day off to do whatever I please.

How is your week going? What are you thankful for?