Today, after a successful meeting with possible employers at a local shop, Daniel and I headed out for an afternoon of exploring Charlottesville.

Our first stop was Bodo’s Bagels, a local favorite, where Daniel had the lox and I had tuna salad on a garlic bagel. It was delicious and both of our meals combined were $10.00.

A woman from the shop this morning recommended an antique store called Circa, which turned out to be full of gems. Despite the fact that they had hundreds of items, it was well curated (and well priced). We bought a nice vinyl arm chair and then headed out to explore the surrounding shops (reluctantly – if we could have, we would have bought the place out).

We happened upon a shop called Carpe Donut and bought a donut and an iced cider to share. Since the donut she gave us was small, she voluntarily gave us a second one for free! People are so nice around here!

After having a wonderful chat with the owner of the local Wild Birds Unlimited, we went to The Bookroom, a local used bookstore, to check out their stock. By the time we got home, our armchair was being delivered by two deceptively strong women from the antique shop.

I’m so thankful that my mom helped me get the duplex in shape yesterday so that I can feel a bit more at ease in my new home. Knowing I can come home to artwork on the walls, food in the fridge, and clothes properly placed in the closet helps me get motivated to explore. Charlottesville is pretty great so far.

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