month in review: 11/2012

November is difficult to summarize because I can barely remember what happened before Thanksgiving. I think I'm finally at the point where calling these posts, " ...months in C-Ville," is unnecessary; I no longer think of my life here in terms of my moving date, which is a sign it really feels like home. Thanksgiving … Continue reading month in review: 11/2012

twenty four

I turned 24 years old yesterday. It sucked. Objectively, there was absolutely nothing wrong with my day: I slept in, opened up a few presents from Daniel (he got me a series of early¬†Bakelite¬†pieces), went to work, got complimented on my outfit, received a delicious smelling candle from my boss, ate some honey bunches, and … Continue reading twenty four


Today, after a successful meeting with possible employers at a local shop, Daniel and I headed out for an afternoon of exploring Charlottesville. Our first stop was Bodo's Bagels, a local favorite, where Daniel had the lox and I had tuna salad on a garlic bagel. It was delicious and both of our meals combined … Continue reading exploring


They say that moving can be just as traumatic as a death in the family. The 12 hour drive was the longest one I've made as the sole driver of my vehicle. Five people and three mice stayed in one hotel room the night before we got here. And then the unpacking began. At one … Continue reading away