to a mouse

Thank you. In your curiosity and gentleness you showed me Life can be simple. One need not strive for much More than some choice hay and a welcoming bedfellow Or a friend to get the hard-to-reach spots behind the ears And, don't be shy about a midnight snack or, an argument easily made up with … Continue reading to a mouse

by the monument, two

I watched a squirrel groom her fluffy tail then scratch hyperspeed, her hind leg thwack-thwack-thwack against her side We were alone by the monument, two mammals feeling the sun on our faces in February Holding our breaths that the winter had fled for good - for now


A smile between strangers. Watching the robin hunt for insects, folding three loads of laundry, dropping boiling water into the teapot. Writing in your journal, listening to your spouse, sharing: a meal, a ride, Your load. A cool breeze that cuts through humid air. The clack of boots on asphalt. Going, and leaving. Habit and … Continue reading prayer

I draw a closed square around my worries so that they're boxed in. So I can contain them. So I see them in perspective, as scribbles in scrawled ink, less than two inches wide.